A interview with Rowena Calvert and Rhys Watkins

HSO is thrilled to be working with Rowena Calvert and Rhys Watkins in the Brahms Double Concerto this Saturday 12th May Hertford Theatre. We tracked Rowena down to ask her a few questions ….

Q: How does it feel to be performing the Brahms in your home town with your husband Rhys?
A: Well, Rhys and I are really looking forward to it because actually we don’t get the opportunity to perform together that much. We have both performed the Brahms a few times but we have only played it together once before. And to play this wonderful piece in our home town with friends makes it all the more special! Sometimes we can play in several different countries within the space of just a few days so to be able to just walk down the road to perform is a real treat!

Q: How do you like Hertford?
A:We love Hertford! It’s perfect for Rhys to get into work with the LSO in the Barbican and although Hertford is small there is a buzzing music and art scene. There is a wonderful music festival, music club and several concert platforms which all have enthusiastic audiences.

Q: Tell us about your work with Hertford International Concert Series
A: It started as Rhys and I spend quite a lot of time apart so we thought starting a concert series would be a great project to do together. We have both played in hundreds of concert series over the years and it has given us a very strong idea of how we wanted to do it. We are fortunate to know many musicians and only invite musicians and have programmes that we feel extremely passionate about! At this stage in our lives and careers everything seems to just work best if we stay true to our own ideas, this way we really enjoy the concerts too! Having your own concert series means you can play whatever you like, with whoever you like, whenever you want! As a freelance musician this is a golden part of my life and it means Rhys and I can play together too. We have been overwhelmed and heartened at the local support and their enthusiasm makes the concerts a joy to organise.

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